In the light of the understanding and acceptance of the definitions of Stuttered Speech Syndrome and Covert Stuttering, then Stuttering is defined as originally proposed by William Perkins:

the temporary loss of ability either overtly or covertly to move forward fluently with linguistically formulated speech“. Perkins JFD 84, 431

Overt Stuttering: characterised by repetitions, prolongations and blocks.

Covert Stuttering: characterised by word substitution and circumlocution in an effort to disguise a likely overt stutter.

As has been discussed elsewhere on this site, definitions of stuttering which include reference to emotional, behavioural and attitudinal responses fail to give the ability to distinguish between the various subgroups of people who stutter ie those who suffer the additional disability of Social Anxiety Disorder and those who use the strategy of covert stuttering.

Other Definitions: Covert Stuttering, Stuttered Speech Syndrome